I confess I've had a low opinion of Morrissey. As a teenager, I thought he was a whiner with a silly hairdo. You know how you feel about emo bands? That's how I felt about Morrissey. I was aware of him (and the Smiths before him), being the big alternative music fan that I was, but his stuff totally bored me — it lacked drive, balls, and above all, resolve. It always sounded like HE was bored too. Like (in UK parlance) he couldn't be arsed. 

Chicks dug it. If they played it, I heard it. Otherwise, I didn't. And I never felt like I'd missed a thing.

So when I actually bothered to listen to this tune recently (and check out the video), I discovered an 80's treasure LOOOONG after the 80's ended. How wonderful for me: I lived in the best of both worlds. I got to dismissively snark on "Suedehead" for 25 years, and now I'll rave about it for the next 25 years. 

And the video! This pretentious twat, God love his awkward ass, is seen sitting on an Indian cycle, actually operating a tractor, taking arty b&w photos, reading a book in a cold-ass barn ... and visiting James Dean's grave. Seriously, this is like finding a Franklin in an old pair of jeans. I unironically love everything about it.

That said, the next video was "Everyday is Like Sunday" ... and I immediately grew bored and fell asleep.