Release schedule updated.

Three new books have had their release dates set in stone.*

  1. Foul Territory, the second volume in the Chronicle of Calvin Connor, will be out in paperback on 10-24-16 and for Kindle on 12-21-16.
  2. The Photography of Dale Morlock, a limited edition biography of my late father replete with hundreds of his inspiring photos, will be released on 1-7-17 in physical form.
  3. The Melancholic Seven, a reboot of my 1997 novella of the same name and the first story in the new "Everything, Including ..." Mythos, will be released in paperback on 7-7-17 (a date totally chosen at random) with the Kindle edition following on 9-17-17.

* - when I say stone, I mean more a sort of soft liquidy clay that can be reshaped into different dates.

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